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Have been with auctiva several years but have been a happy camper Mr. Poster lister. Understand that easy is out and am trying to train myself to use the new improved, etc. I'm trying to set up my auctiva profiles. Am okay so far except with shipping. Since I started on ebay, have always shown shipping cost to USA - no problem there, one template for flat rate shipping, one for calculated. I am willing to ship worldwide BUT do not want to show international shipping. In my item description, I request out of country bidders contact me for shipping cost to their country.

Reasoning - use Priority when shipping USA, have my box and am able to know exact weight. When shipping international, have to find a box, trying to find the smallest, safest one and since international shipping can vary in cost by ounces - a 1 lb. 3 oz package may cost less than a 1 lb. 14 oz package, have found it's better to wait. I work out of my home, sell vintage, collectibles, antiques - different stuff all the time. No room to store a box for every item just in case it sells over seas. I keep a few small different size boxes around or usually, I make a box out of a large box - keep 1 to 3 empty liquor boxes on hand from the store down the street.

In a nutshell - how do I set up my profile to show USA shipping cost, show that I will ship worldwide but NOT show international shipping cost? Is it even possible?
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Hi myshabbichic,

In order to configure your shipping profile to offer flat rate shipping to the United States and use the "Contact Seller or See Item Description" option for international shipping, you will first want to check the bubble next to "Flat Rate Shipping" and check the boxes corresponding to the countries/continents to which you are willing to ship in the section above.

In the "Domestic Shipping Services" section, select the shipping service(s) you would like to offer from the appropriate pull-down menus and enter your flat rate shipping costs for each service in the adjacent "Cost" fields. Then, simply leave the "International Shipping Options" section alone and, when you post the listing, it will reflect the "Contact Seller or See Item Description" option with respect to international shipping.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please contact our customer support department using the appropriate link on our help page:


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