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I am just starting out, hopefully this won't sound dense. From the video tutorial they use flat rate shipping. I am going to try (note try) to sell various items, so want to use calculated shipping. I have created all of my profiles and am trying to set up my first listing. When I perform a preview it says that there are no errors. It shows calculate shipping on the top as a blue clickable item, but does nothing when clicked. Under the Shipping, payment details and return policy area it shows

Services Available
UPS Ground
US Postal Service Priority Mail
US Postal Service Parcel Post

Available To
United States Only
United States Only
United States Only

My question is does that look correct for service and shipping available (they are the types I chose) and will the - Shipping costs: Calculate shipping costs - work when listed.


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Hi Rock,
The preview is only trying to simulate an eBay-like environment, but is not exact and does not represent identically what your listing will actually look on eBay. Once it's listed, all the functions will work, like calculate shipping, and the "seller information" section will be filled out.
So there's nothing to worry about.
Hi Rock,

The preview will not show errors, you will need to click on 'Error Check' to see if your listing passes before posting.

As for Calculated Shipping just be sure to:

1. Choose Calculated Shipping Smile
2. Enter Weight of package+item
3. Add your various Shipping Services (which yours looks normal)
4. Choose any Combined Shipping Discounts you want to offer
5. Choose your 'Auctiva Shipping Insurance Option'
6. Enter your Packaging & Handling Fee. This will be added to the actual shipping cost when a customer puts in their zip.

Click on 'error check' and see what it says up top. If it passes, you are ready to post!

Happy selling!

Best regards,

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