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Sometimes a good price will influence our decision - but if you're uncomfortable with the transaction, don't sell the dress to this Buyer.

On the other hand, EVERY buyer starts out with a "Zero" feedback rating, and you might be quite satisfied with the outcome of the sale.

I have very specific requirements for international buyers which are clearly stated in each auction listing. I also require that all international buyers use PayPal ONLY - I do not accept any other form of international payment. There are too many scams going on to take the chance.

If you decide to sell the item, state your concerns to the Buyer in an E-mail - and request an E-mail confirmation from him which states that he accepts your terms. This will provide proof in the event the Buyer attempts to scam you. Possible options are:

* Immediate Payment is Required via PayPal
* The Item is Non-Returnable under ANY circumstances
* Failure to accept delivery of the package releases you from any refund obligation

It's a tough decision and one that I have faced many times myself. However, I have made every attempt to cover the bases in an effort to avoid being scammed by unscrupulous buyers - and have thus far had no problems whatsoever.

Good luck, and let us know what you decide!
Geez, you guys are really paranoid Smile
In those 2 FB did the buyer pay?
Is the FB positive?
I wouldn't have worried at all, but that's just me.

I have 4 buying IDs for various personal reasons, yet I've been a powerseller on my selling ID that has over 600 pos. FB.. When I buy, I pay immediately, or at least within 12 hours if I'm away from computer. It just shows you, you really can't be sure of who you're dealing with. If their FB is ok, small even tho it is, what does it matter?

I have to EDIT this--there is the concern that PP cannot confirm Mexico addresses (?) and/or that ou will not be able to track pkg (?)
That would not be good...
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