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i have a cust. who bought two things, but paid for them each seperately b4 i could send an invoice w/ ONE shipping charge. now i have two separate payments from them and i want to send both items in the same pkg.. i have been (the 1 or 2x so far b4! Wink ) clicking 'ship' via my paypal acct., but am not sure what to do here... can i just click 'ship' for one of them, adjust the weight so it's for *both* items, print one label, and then for the 2nd item, select 'mark as shipped' WITHOUT printing the label for the 2nd item? or will it show the 2nd item as not shipped b/c i didn't click the lil 'ship' button? any help asap would be great, thanks! would like to mail this today. Smile
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Yeah, you can do that -- just hit the Ship button for one, adjust the weight for both, then mark the other as shipped in eBay. I do that all the time.

As I understand it, though, the only problem is that PayPal won't help you out if you have a dispute. I think that's because they want to see Delivery Confirmation for each invoice. What some people do, I think, is to refund the two separate invoices through PayPal and send them a new combined invoice -- just to satisfy PayPal in the event of a lost package or whatever.

That seems to me like something that might annoy some customers, though, so I usually just do what you described above.
thanks, rick! luckily i had to have him reconfirm his address, so i couldn't mail it today anyway... weird thing is, he emailed me asking about combined shipping b4 the auctions were over,and i said sure, email me the item#'s, and then he just paid for them both seperately! and now i see why sellers want to send one invoice.. so paypal will only charge you once! what he (would have) saved in shipping, i paid paypal in fees. so,


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