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Hi Bouncing Bubba,

Yes, this is a possibility as long as you are able to generate html for your desired animations. Once you have created the html for your Flash animation, just click the "Switch to Text Mode" link above the description editor and paste in the animation html wherever you would like it to appear in your descirption.

Not an expert on this...but I'll go out on a limb and say no...

eBay is not going to let you upload an .swf file to their if that is ultimately what is needed then you are not going to get it to work.

The only way you would be able to get it to work is if you could do everything in HTML.

Find a way to eliminate the .swf file and you should be in business though...

Very true. Ebay won't let me upload a .swf file to their server. But then Auctiva doesn't upload our photos to eBay's server, either. The photos are stored on Auctiva's server, and a link is included in the html code that is communicated to eBay.

So, what I'm asking is this: Since the Auctiva Photo Upload function doesn't recognize .swf extensions - is there another program feature that can upload .swf files to Auctiva's server?

Or, can Auctiva's Photo Upload program codes be re-written to include .swf? Just imagine what it would do for the appearance of our auctions.

Side Bar: Is there a list of the codes your HTML editor recognizes posted on Auctiva's website? It would be very helpful in writing html commands into our auctions.

Thanks Cool
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Ok...I follow what you're saying...but I disagree that a .swf file and a .gif or .jpg file are the same thing.

eBay has always allowed external image hosting of .gif and .jpg files. I've never heard of them allowing external hosting of any other type file.

But then I said before...not the expert on that topic...just taking a wild guess.

Maybe someone from Auctiva will answer your question and then you'll know the real answer.


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