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New to forum....i have been using auctiva for ever and it is brilliant. However, today i noticed there is no longer a shop inventory selection. With the changes at Ebay does that mean that any shop inventory now can not be done via auctiva..are cganges being made or (most likely) am i doing something wrong ? Any ideas out there
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Hi Dave,

Since you are not seeing the shop inventory format, I assume you are an eBay UK seller. Ebay has actually just eliminated the shop inventory format, however, they have added the option to list fixed price items with extended durations of "30 days" or "Good til Canceled".

While eBay UK shop categories are no longer available for selection on the Auctiva lister page, our technical team is currently working on restoring that functionality. I will be posting further updates on that issue on the following thread of our forum:

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer support team using the web form on the following page:

Thanx for the quick reply..yes Ebay UK...its a pain this will cost me more which is why also i am keen to keep using auctiva due to cost savings especially with multiple images....i will be lumping similar goods togetehr which have options such as colour or size with up to 5 options available pics alone will cost over a £1 per listing + new listing good luck and i hope yuor team can secure a happy future for me...Cheers

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