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I found this while on another message board this morning of ecommerce sellers.

Reviews look good. Fee's aren't all that bad. They accept Paypal but I emailed to see if they would be allowing us to accept Google Checkout and I'm awaiting a response.

Here's a review from Cnet..and I do trust their reviews.

eCommerce Sellers Motivators "We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? But actually, who are you NOT to be?" Marianne Williamson
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Thank you Donna!!! I have my own website, where orders are coming from SEO wise I have no clue. I also have an ecrater store... okay 3 of them. I am looking for any alternatives to ebay for selling... so this isnt bad. Thinking about WagglePop but got burned once... looking at bidville too... there are a few sites where no one yet is selling the ******

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Originally posted by megnsamsgrace:
there are a few sites where no one yet is selling the ceiling fans


Ubid bought bidville but go with them, too. Don't forget Blujay also.

Don't forget you can make a space at
and you can list on there, too.

I'm trying honestly I am..and passing the info as I run up on it.

My Best Steph,

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