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In the Auctiva Store Management section, should I check the boxes next to the items I want in my scrolling window? When I do that, off to the right, it says "Featured".

Is that the right way to do it? I don't want the "Featured" option that eBay offers and charges a lot for it, as my items aren't expensive. Thanks.
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Hi calicoseas,

Any items that you make "featured" in your Auctiva store will be displayed in the "Featured Items" column on the right hand side of your Auctiva store. Thees "featured" items will not necessarily be displayed in your Auctiva store.

The only way you can control what goes in your store window is by making items hidden. To do this, go to Auctiva -> Store (tab) -> Edit Items. Items that are made hidden will not be shown in your store window the next time it refreshes, which it does about every 4 hours.


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