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It all depends, on what you sale,how much inventory you have, etc etc etc.

personally I love having a store but it isn't for everyone.

I would suggest doing research, the ebay store board is a great place to start. Alot of very helpful people, and great advice.

forgive the not so happy threads, since ebay pulled store listings from the search its been a bit sour over there, but there is still alot of good threads and helpful people.

Here is the search results from people asking the same question as you and the replies
I also am glad that we opened our eBay store. But as AngelLisa said, it is not for everyone. I also agree with her on checking out the stores board. There is a lot of good info there, as long as you are careful to not let the negativity get you down! You have to sift through a lot of "stuff" to find the gems.

You can always give it a try and close up later if it doesn't work out.


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