After registering last night, we scanned the messageboards, and came across a member complaining about having the showcase slotted into his 100 plus listings. Well, apparently we have been blessed with the same thing, except it is in the 100s of listings. Cant believe you would do this without consult. We finally found the 'key' to turn it off - not very prominently displayed is it? Like the fact that you edit listings without consent, I guess - par for the course.
We have seen enough of this to know that we want no part of it. We need some answers before we go.
1. Has the Auctiva checkout been put into our listings without consent too?
2. We went to cancel out earlier, and it warned that our listings may be effected. How so?
3. Is there anything else we should know about?

Please do not tell us that we should have known about these options, it was not apparent, and we suspect, deliberately so.
Thank you for giving us many hours of work trying to correct this - this is totally apalling.

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