I have two auctions running. One was launched before I joined Auctiva, the other one after. On the auction launched before I joined Auctiva, the showcase is showing at the bottom of my auction. The one that was just launched is showing at the top of my auction description. I'm concerned about the one at the top of my listing. It is distracting to say the least. Is there something that I checked to put it there? Shouldn't it be at the bottom. Thanks for your help.
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no it shouldn't be at the bottom, the only reason why it is - when you add anything to your listing after it has launched (without going directly in and revising) - it will ALWAYS show at the bottom. Have you ever seen the ones with "seller added on xx date" ----------------------------- then a Bidpay logo or an Andale counter? This is the same thing.

When you list thru Auctiva, unless you place the code in your template manually it will default and place the showcase at the top. You need to take the HTML code it gives you and figure out where in your auctions you want this. Save the template and just use it to list with and save your profile from.
Thanks. I was mulling this in my head the past couple of hours and thought that I might be able to move the code down to the bottom of the auction description. It never dawned on me to put it in template.
Another question. How do I get the code moved down? I am HTML literate enough to know that I should be cutting and pasting, but when I go into eBay to revise the auction, I am seeing the auction as it is displayed rather than the HTML coding.
ok when you revise thru ebay you will want to go to edit description. It will open the editor so you can change it, just make sure you click the HTML key at the bottom of the editor. Look for the <!--ASW--> tags and copy/paste this section where you want it.
Big Grin Thanks bargain huntress! I was in the same position and finally moved it to the bottom. Great idea on the template. I just copied mine into my saved details with a space at the top so it always places on the bottom.

Thanks again!

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