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Hi all,

I am super new to auctiva, and I notice that they automatically place a "showcase" in your listings. It's that slideshow of our other auctions, however my photos aren't showing up in it, so it just looks like a big useless billboard. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to fix it, or just turn the feature off, so that it doesn't show up in my listings?

Thanks in advance Red Face) Ohhmama
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Please read the following post for more information on our current bandwidth issue. Until we are able to resolve this situation, we are limiting the number of listings displayed in the store window to 8, and turning off store window images during peak hours.

This issue will be resolved once we move to our data center, which should be by Friday, 3/3.

If you would like the store window to no longer be inserted in your listings, you can disable this feature at Auctiva -> My Accout -> Settings(Preferences).

I hope this helps=)

Hi ohhmama
everyone is having the same trouble with thier slide show. when auctiva gets thier equipment set up and running everything should be good again. i have been using auctiva for quite some time. when i first started with them i had speed issues and these guys bent over backwards to try to straighten out my problem. turns out it was my phone line causing it and i now have wireless. MUCH MUCH better. for all the problems that we encounter I feel that auctiva is truely trying to make a better auction template and hosting site for us. Lord knows we spend enough on our listings without having to shell out more for extra photos or themes. Give these guys a chance and I think in the long run you will be happy with them. Smile

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