Does anyone know if there is a time frame for updating the showcase onmy listings? I posted auctions last night (9:30 Eastern) and this morning only one of the auctions I listed is appearing on the Showcase.
Maybe there's a limit to how many?? If so, should I 'hide' some of them?
Thanks much
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That is strange. I see only 41 auctions displaying on your showcase pages:

I assume that is where you are not seeing all of your items as well? Keep in mind that the store window inside of your auctions that is also displaying thumbnails of your other items will only show at most 20 items.

I'll try and see why the rest of your items are not showing up in the showcase.


It looks like a number of your items are marked as "hidden". I noticed in one of your support cases that you mentioned you were wondering if you should hide some of your items. I'm guessing this is what you must have done on our website?

This is why only some of your items are showing up on the showcase pages.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your reply. I did go into my file and Hide some items. I was told that I could only have 20 in my listing showcase and that they loaded from ending soonest.

Decided that there were other items I'd rather feature thn the clearance things that were showing so tried to stop it with Hidden Items feature.


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