I found that these few days, the show case windows show "loading pictures" only. Wait for 3-5 mins, still wait.

I would like to know why?

THank you
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Can you post a link to one of your auctions reporting this problem? That's always a good idea to do when you're having image display problems. Then other users can easily report back to you as to if they see the images loading or not.

Yo, yeah, I also got the same troubles. the first two lists were ok, but the other two I've done these two days are not displayed...
link is HERE
Thanks Kevin, that does make some sense to me. But still unsure how to fix it. I checked both working and fault pages, the source codes seem to me very few different in structure...any ways here could I post my source codes to you, and make it sorted?
Cheers, Thanks again.

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