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Hello all,

Yes, I am a newbie. Love the templates, they are a true creative testimony to what imagination can do.

Now, to my question. Are there any templates (that I have not looked at) that allow me to have my pictures side by side, so that you can see two of them at a time?

I've yet to list through Auctiva, but have a couple of listings almost ready to go, but wondered about the existance of other template set-ups.

Your input would be appreciated.

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Hi BK88,

Welcome to Auctiva! ...and, yes, you can actually customize any of our templates to display your images side-by-side Smile

Once you have clicked the "Select Template" button on our lister page, and then chosen the template you'd like to use by clicking the "Select" button, you will be taken to a new page entitled "Template Layout". On that page, select "Paired" from the "Grouping" pull-down menu and your images will be displayed within the template side-by-side. If you are only using two images in the listing, selecting "Horizontal" from the "Grouping" pull-down menu will accomplish the same thing.

Thanks so much for your reply Mike. I did find the pairing choice.

My experience in searching on EBay is that when someone using your really nice templates has 7 or 8 photo's (as I intend to) and they are in a single row downward ... I tend to get frustrated because, I don't want to keep going up and down just to compare ... so I end up just exiting and looking elsewhere. I want to see them at least side by side.

I just finished going through all the tutorials, and I have several questions. Perhaps I should be posting them to other sections. Please feel free to direct me.

1. Side by Side picture display was better...however it makes the viewing page fall off the screen. My seller info is off to the right. My information sections fall off to the right. Which "makes" the interested buyer have to do a lot of work just to read my listing. As I mentioned before, when this kind of thing happens when I am the buyer ... I just exit. Is there something I am doing wrong? When I use single pictures ... all is visible, but as I said I will ordinarily be using 7 or 8 pics.

2. FYI, after viewing the tutorial for pairing pictures, the preview Auctiva used showed the entire page? Again, if I am doing something wrong, could you direct me?

3. Auctiva's Shipping Insurance. The tutorial mentioned "quickly" that it can be used for all methods of shipping? I ordinarily use FedX Ground. Rarely do I use USPS or UPS. Can you confirm whether or not I can use Auctiva shipping insurance for any carrier?

4. HTML code assistance. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the html code for a blank line is ... without success. For some reason when I cut and paste text that has paragraphs with a blank line between them; Auctiva's editor deletes them. Squishing all paragraphs together. As I said I tried copying some code's that I thought were logical line space codes. It turned out they weren't. Can you assist?

Your probably tired of all the Newbie questions by now, but I have to tell you that it has taken me several days to put together 3 or 4 listings that are still not ready to go. I know once I get the hang of it, it should go much faster, but I am at a stand still at this point.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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