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Duly noted Southern. I'm using a state-of-the-moment oil cooled Sony Vaio that came pre-loaded with IE. My cable connection is a blazing 3000.0 kbps. Even with all that I was falling prey to IE glitches. Especially when doing multiple downloads simultaneosly. After installing Firefox I immediatly saw an improvement. This is not to imply Firefox is a miracle cure for what ails Auctiva, but it is something all users should try and you can always switch back if you don't like it.
The new IE 7 has dealt with a multitude of the MSIE 6 glitches you're talking about. If you don't like it you can always revert back just as you stated..but honestly, I don't think you will.

FF is sweet and this latest installment doesn't get rid of the junk that MSIE browsers normally bring to the table..but it's the closest I've ever seen.

FF also has that downloadable view in IE extention that works great for working with Auctiva.

The Flock browser I noted was designed to work with the same basic FF feel plus it has enhanced it for images and such that speed certain processes.

Alot has to do with HOW ones browser is set up also..which alot of persons discount, too. That in and of itself brings alot of problems no matter what browser you use.

Much Green Wished Your Way,

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