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Firstly, I really really like Auctiva - free image hosting, great templates, simple listing, free scheduling, scrolling store window - where else can you get all that for free? Thanks guys! Cool

But - when you changed your server I was really pleased as I thought that the site would be down less often, but over the course of the last three weeks it seems to be up and down like a yo-yo (that's the polite description, I could have come up with a different comparison Big Grin). V frustrating with limited time slots to list.

I can't see any other recent references to this in news or the community boards so began to wonder if it was me, but it is not just my PC - I have got others to check at other geographic locations in UK.

So - are you still experiencing teething problems with your new set up and will it improve soon?

Oh and WHEN will phase 2 come out - been waiting since November!!!!!!!
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Just in case anyone has had same experience, I also posted a help request and this is the answer from Auctiva: Thanks for reply by the way! "Phase 2 will be available later this summer. We have been adding more image servers to our network and have been transfering images between the server. You may have noticed some slowness in the site during the transfers. We will continue this for the remainder of the week. WE do not expect any site difficulty this weekend. We will have all the images transfered before the weekend. Please let us know if you have any other questions"
Hi Gill,

Sorry about the delayed response but I'm actually unaware of the problems you are describing. You may want to try the following measures, which may improve the performance of Auctiva on your computer:

1) Clear your browser cache.

2) Make sure you have installed all current Windows updates. These are available at

3) Make sure you are running the latest version of your browser, either Internet Explorer 6.0 or Mozilla Firefox 1.5. If you’re already using one, you may want to try the other. A free download of Firefox is available at

4) It also may be worthwhile to run a spyware and adware removal program. There are many product downloads available for free or cheap at AdAware and Spyware Doctor are among the most popular of these programs.

5) Also, you should run an anti-virus program on your computer if one is available to you.

I hope some of this info helps=) I wish I had suggestions more specific to your situation to give you but...I don't.


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