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Auctiva....I for one think getting my information about outages on facebook is getting old. WHY, OH, WHY can't forums be updated also.

Also, why is site down on such a regular basis now... We CAN"T plan our day with site issues no longer every few months, no longer monthly, or weekly but several times a week.

Please either post issues on forum or direct us all to facebook to put all of our issues on at LEAST they get a response of some kind on there which is more than I see on YOUR forums.

It is one thing an aggrevation to have outages, but when you DO NOT update on forum we have NO way of knowing that you know there is an issue.

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Why isn't Auctiva hosted by a site that has more than one location? (so that today's issue doesn't impact so many of us).

It might be time to find a host that can redirect auctiva to an alternate location in the event of a power failure. Plenty of hosting services have multiple locations and have solid plans to move companies to alternate locations in the event of a power outage.
Shouldn't the claimed "top rated customer support" involve the basic communication of keeping your customers informed on the companies own forums/board when the site is down and not as an after thought and after people start complaining????

This basic communication issue is something that should have been addressed a long time ago and after the tons of complaints about it, no one can claim they don't know it is an issue.

There is even an old post on facebook where the Auctiva Rep stated that the communication issues with the boards were being addressed and were going to improve.

Why hasn't it been done??

Tech support working on something has nothing to do with nor does it prevent customer support people from being able to communicate.

On the positive least no one said if there is a further problem with the site being down to file a support ticket...which can't be done and is the usual response given.
I am going to be brutally honest here....and ask what others want to ask but I know some are afraid for some reason to ask/say.

This game of Auctiva racing over to respond on facebook and post on facebook before your forums is an OLD dog and pony is just about as irritating as the outage itself. (outages occur, NO communication (OR not communicating until we ask why it is on other sites but not on your forums, is getting old. Especially since we have been assured on facebook that this will be worked on.

WE have asked, begged and pleaded with Auctiva MANY, MANY times to keep us informed on the forums!!! (that is where most of us use to go for information since is is an Auctiva forum). First thing most of us do is check, check, check to see if it is just our issue, then we try support, when that is down, as it usually is on an outage, we go to YOUR forums??? Why have the forums if we can get faster information on facebook, etc., WHY should everyone who wants to know things HAVE to have a facebook account? And those who do, why should we have to log in there. Is this a way to get fans??? IF careful what you wish for. As I have seen on several posts that people see the facebook posts and have decided not to go with auctiva.

HOWEVER, IF auctiva prefers we post our issues on facebook, I will be happy to do that. I just assumed the forums were for posting site issues and really see no real need to continually air dirty laundry on facebook. Auctiva personnel DO YOU WANT US TO USE FACEBOOK FOR FORUMS????? If that is best place to get responses, I am sure we can adjust to that change.

IS there some reason that facebook seems to get responses and we do not on here? I know they have said in facebook post, they can be at coffee shop (can't remember of they named one) or home watching good morning america and post on facebook. Seems to me that since I can post on forums at coffee shop or watching good morning america that forums personnel could do the same? OR have the facebook crew post on here to let us know there is outage and you are aware of it.

NOW to the meat of this conversation....There have been numerous outages in last few months? What is being done to cut these outages down, as I believe since May there have been 7 or 8 outages that I can remember, some 2 times in same week.


Please check either directly or this thread for additional updates.

Please let your personnel know that when site is down normally we can't check for updates, same as we can't write support to let them know there is a problem or that problem still exists.

WHich brings me to another question....HOW can we let you know there is a problem if we can't write support??? Most of us do not have phone support and the people who do that I know have said it is lame and limited. So how can we contact support??

Thanks for your help in clarifying what future procedure will be. IF it is going to be facebook twitter, etc., just let us know....we just need to know where to find info the fastest way.

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