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You have hit nail on head.

Bullseye, right on, this has happened before!! What was done the last time (and time before, etc) to make sure this did not happen again?? NOW, what is going to be done this time? (hope NOT same as last, as that did not work)

Another question, where were the people we normally hear from? Not very comforting to finally after many hours get a post from someone who we have never heard of before, Mr. Green, Communications Manager (after all of those hours without communication??) He then tells us to check the site for updates. (hell-oooooo) it is down or we would be working not griping. Did he not know it was down??? Note, this would not be the person working on the computer system, so would not have had to zip something out in seconds. (unless he is a multi-tasker an multi-talented) It is not comforting when we have crashed to get information from an unknown party. I realize our familiars do have a life, but would assume someone was notified??? Or were the week-end flunkies left guarding and fixing the henhouse??? If so they dropped the ball for many hours.

Why was NO email sent? Nothing put on log in page when site back on, so that people who were not aware of issues and do not visit forums could find out why their listings failed? In the notifications box at top?? Is this let's keep this a secret and others will not know.. well, the cat is out of the bag. There was a HUGE problem!!

Auctiva, I hope that like some of the forums in the past these posts are not ignored. This is serious, it is our business. Perhaps top of the list of new things to do is fix this issue for once and for all.

I had MUCH rather see this fixed than Totally New Features added.

There needs to be a things put into place so that auctiva can be notified if there is a problem. IF they are IMMEDIATELY aware then they need to IMMEDIATELY post (or send out mass mailing)

As far as gloating about the number of (1.5+ million since 1998) customers, there are many members on the roll in a church, but that does not mean they all go. Auctiva may have many members but I doubt a MOST of them are "active" members. While the boards did come to life in looking at those post and last outage posts it appears a lot of souls are lost (yes, some may have left because of ebay) Others price jump when auctiva announced their HUGE plan a few years back. Who knows. I did notice a lot of newbies on here which was great! However, even with that posts were from the same people, as a lot of people do not even know about forums.

*******Thankfully this was not during holidays, but could have just as easily been cyber Monday. Which would have costs tons of lost sales. ********

Hopefully someone from auctiva will give us some kind of answers today and assurance of what is being done to help, what communication steps will be taken. What will be done differently?

Auctiva, we DESERVE some answers, please at least give us that courtesy. You may think it is "really none of their business" But it is LITERALLY OUR BUSINESS!!!

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