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Hi Community!

Starting at 10:00pm Pacific Time (GMT/UTC -8:00), tonight Monday 12/17, the Auctiva site will be down as we conduct our routine database maintenance. That is expected to last approximately 5 hours.

Then starting at 8:00am Pacific Time, the Auctiva site will be down to integrate new updates. We expect the update to take approximately 1.5 hours.

The site will be unavailable during these time periods, and you should plan to schedule your listings around this down time.

Thank you for your patience!

Auctiva Staff
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No. This is at a special time because we're doing some additional work this week. We provided early notice via a warning box near the top right of the page which began appearing around 6pm or earlier, it flashed in orange or red, and mentioned that it would be tonight. The message that is appearing now gives the right info but since it's our generic Thursday message is not correct because it's Monday today. Basically it wasn't built to handle maintenance being done at other times besides Thursday night. We made some pretty significant changes in the server configurations and hardware updates Thursday and are finishing those changes tonight.
The site is back up.

Please be aware that it will be going down again in approximately 3 hours at 8am PST (GMT -8) for approximately 1.5-2 hours while we add some new features. The maintenance earlier was to move some more servers to another location and to clean up the database which we do once a week but were not able to do last Thursday because we were moving servers then. We'll back to our normal once a week Thursday night maintenance schedule starting this week, although we may skip this week since we did it tonight.

The previous comments were removed since this is the news forum and most people don't want to read an entire thread just to get the current update. Normally threads in the News section are locked but this one was inadvertently left open. Feel free to post all you want in the forum sections below.
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