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Hello Community,

We have today updated the Auctiva site. Here is a summary of the changes and additions we made this morning:

International Site Visibility We’ve added text on the lister which explains this feature better.

Create Similar Change: When using create similar, you can now change the eBay site from US to UK, etc.

Support Pages Updated The look of the ‘file a support case’ page has been redesigned and improved, as well as the live chat page.

Third Party Checkout Sun Setting by eBay: We have enabled functionality which will allow users of Auctiva Secure Checkout to migrate themselves to eBay Checkout.

First, Auctiva Checkout is now closed to new users. We have put in place a measure that will prevent users from enabling Auctiva checkout if it is not already enabled.

Next, if you go to the Checkout Settings Page, you will see messaging that indicates that the Use Auctiva Checkout setting has now become “off only” at this point. You may turn checkout off, and your account will then transitioned to eBay checkout in a direct cut-over rather than a slow migration of having a portion of your checkouts go through Auctiva and a portion through eBay.

For users who are using Auctiva Checkout with merchant accounts, you should set up your information on eBay before you disable your Auctiva Secure Checkout setting. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the eBay site at this link

For sellers using in Checkout, you will see a warning message that you must first setup your merchant account on eBay prior to disabling Auctiva Checkout for your account.

Once you disable Auctiva checkout, we will revise all of the seller’s active listings to add a special payment option known as IntegratedMerchantCreditCard. This allows the item to be paid for by CC in eBay checkout. If you have not setup your information on eBay, then your buyers will be given a message to contact the seller for payment.

CSV Upload Listings Feature:We have developed a new feature that will allow you to upload listings from a CSV (comma separated value) file created by Turbolister or other similar tool to Auctiva, and to save these listings in your Saved Listings folders. This is not currently visible on the site, as it is being beta tested by a group of volunteers who had requested the feature. Once that testing is complete and we have incorporated the feedback we receive on the site, we will make the feature generally available.

Homepage Change: Our homepage now has returned to the way our home page appeared prior to the announcement of our acquisition by Alibaba. We will be testing some new homepage designs during October.

Sourcing Changes: We will continue to gradually add more users to the group which is shown and allowed access to the sourcing tab.

We update the Auctiva site with new functionality fairly often--roughly once per month. Our last update was on August 17. You can see my forum posts on previous site updates commencing with this one.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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