i have set up my inventory to be search with SKU but every single time i want to find a product in my saved listings with SKU .. it doesn't work .an item is only found with the generated number , doesn't matter what i do .
in inventory preference
product setting
* also use other ID
* default product ID ... SKU

in Manage inventory items
the ID is the SKU

in the listing
* is it an inventory item ? ... yes
* i select the item ... the good ID appears
* saved

I return to the item and.... the ID is gone !!!!!!!!!!!! but the product name is still here


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Hi tiagra,

Thanks for posting here to let us know about this issue. I have confirmed the issue you described here and have passed the details of the issue over to our developers so they can work on getting it resolved.

This does not appear to happen when the "Custom ID" option is used as the Product ID in Inventory items so using the "Custom ID" option to enter your product ID's could potentially suffice as a workaround for the mean time.


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