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When Auctiva is slow, it's very frustrating and does indeed interfere in business. I've discovered that slowness here comes mostly during peak times of use, during ebay promos and such...not from learning new ways of making it faster (sorry booklady). I've also written and filed support tickets but essentially, from my experience, when Auctiva is teeming with sellers listing, it simply cannot handle the load. My suggestion is to plan a day or two ahead: load photos the day or night before and create your listings early in the morning or late in the evening. Auctiva is one of the best friends to those of us selling on eBay..but until they hit the lottery and bulk up them servers, one must simply adjust. Hope that helps.
Hi McFiver. Planning and doing things ahead of time is one thing you learn to make things go smoother. Learning new ways of making it faster can be things such as:

Resizing pictures before uploading to Auctiva.
Uploading pictures before starting a listing.
Cleaning your cache, cookies.
Using Profiles.
Saving templates.
Saving your listing at intervals in case of problems. (Frrezing, etc.)

Most likely some of these wouldn't have to be done if Auctiva was better able to handle the load but are some workarounds you learn from experience to help speed things up.


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