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I am trying to create listings today and each page is loading so slowly and then when I finally get one done and preview it has moved paragraphs around, changed fonts and colours!
This has been happening on occassion but now it is almost every listing.

Sometimes the only thing I can do is lauch it to EBay and revise it there.
Very time consuming.

Is there a reason for slow loading pages today?

Before anyone mentions it, I have done the cookie clean out and run Spyware and Adaware on a regular basis. There are no other problems with my system in any program except Auctiva.
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Some major routes on the internet is disconnected by Cogent, so your traffic have to try alternative routes (through small bandwidth free connections) - thats why Auctiva is slow.

The main auctiva site, templates, images (except item images which seem to load from is hosted on Cogents network. This forum seems to be hosted elsewhere. Here is some reading for you:

Renesys says many networks are unable to simply route around the impasse, perhaps because one party (probably Cogent) is taking steps to block alternate traffic paths


2,383 Telia network prefixes can't reach Cogent at all, while 1,573 Cogent prefixes are completely cut off from Telia. The impact is most widely felt in Europe, but more than 1,900 U.S. network segments are affected as well
Well, it is all still slow as molasses for me today.

I don't understand all the techie stuff that Cogent may be afftecting so I shall just go back to using Vendio for a while and maybe we can get back to normal here. I just don't have the time to sit and wait and keep refreshing pages to get them to load.

I did try another browser and had the same problems.

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