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I need an explanation on the following subject:

eBay does not permit links that encourage
buyers to place their eBay bids through a site other than eBay. There has recently been an
increase in links to the Auction Sniper site
in listings from sellers who use Auctiva tools. Users are responsible for the content of their
listings and links to the Auction Sniper site
are not permitted. eBay has requested Auctiva to stop facilitating these links. At this time,
we will only be issuing warnings, but repeated
violations will be cause for ending listings. We appreciate your cooperation in not including links to any site that encourages a bidder to place their eBay bids outside of eBay.

You can see the full links policy here.


Original Post
I always felt the Siper link was a contradiction to Auctiva products intended to help sellers. When we subscribe to Auctiva we are paying for sellig tools, not buyer tools. A sniper program harms a seller since such programs encourage bidding in the final seconds. Actually, I've always felt eBay should come up with a means to end last second bidding or sniping. Those that would bid higher on an item are often defeated by last second sniping. That I should have to support an advertisement that promotes such software is like robbing Peter to pay Paul.


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