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I'm slowly building momentum here...I've got several different mice in stock now...quality ones...I've retired my Apple Pro Mouse and Keyboard in favor of the 3D Optical Scroll Mouse I'm selling, and my keyboard in favor of a Macally iKey Slim ...check it out!! Smile
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I'm currently on a G4 DigitalAudio that I recently upgraded with a 1.4GHz sonnet Cresendo. Of course Max Ram and a 120GB HD. Plus, a few other tweaks. Check out my benchmarks vs. a G5 PM:

I also have an iMac G4 700 Flat-Panel (my wife's)
And, for portable I have a G3 iBook 800 that has seen much use.

Prior to this I had a PowerMac G4 Cube 450, PowerMac G3 Blue/White 400, iMac 400 DV, iMac 350, and Performa 6300 100MHz (my first I owned)


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