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Thank you for writing to eBay's SafeHarbor. My name is Boyd and I understand your concerns regarding the feedback left on your account.

I have reviewed your account and have found that the comment has been removed from your account. The comment left by xxxxxx for item
6040415488 has been removed on Mar-22-06.

Thank you for writing to eBay.

Kind Regards,

SafeHarbor Investigations Team
eBay Trust & Safety

This person had only 6 feedbacks, 3 of them were negative. I had to send him 3 reminders and finally he paid for the item. As I remember, we both gave decent feedbacks...mine was a mere "Thank you" and his was "great product". Feedback from other sellers was bad and he was knocked off after 3 negatives.

Just wanted to let you know that I finally did get an answer from EBAY...
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