When looking at all my saved listings in Auctiva I can quickly sort or filter for just active listings. Is there any way to sort or filter all in order to see just Non active saved listings.
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Hi popcoin,

At this time the Saved Listings page does not have a filter to see which saved listings is currently associated to an active listing. However from the Saved Listings page there is a "Last Posted" column. If you click on the "Last Posted" column header, you can sort your Saved Listings to see when they were last posted, and just below the Saved Listing Title, you'll see the "Duration" period of that listing. I know this may not be exactly what you were looking for but hopefully it can help accomplish what you need.

I can definitely see how this type of tool may be helpful for other sellers as well. If you'd like, please add your thoughts to our Feature Center so we can review this idea and see what our other sellers think of it!

Also, if you go to the Closed Listings page, you can can view all of the eBay listings that have recently closed and you can use the Filter drop down menu labeled "Any" and select to view your "sold" or "unsold" eBay listings.


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