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Four hours ago I posted two my new listings by Activa. I did first time.
Maybe I did smth wrong, please help me!
Because I lost time today in sunday, and sunday is very good day for my items with potential ebayers!
But!!!! I see my new listings only on "my ebay" and it's not visible for ebayers!
Also in scroll I see my new listing BUT! there are not my new listing in list with all my selling items for ebayers and not in search too!
What is problem here?
Please any help! Urgent! SOS!
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Hi Lara,

If this is the first time that you have posted listings to ebay through auctiva it can apparently take 12 hours for your listings to show in ebay. You will see them straight away on your "my ebay" page. I listed some on Saturday night and they were showing Sunday morning, but I knew of the wait time before posting as I have read many threads about this problem. It is ONLY the very first time you post, after that you don't have to wait so long.

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