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Craig - if you are available, I have 2 specific questions based on the following information provided by eBay, as it is NOT clear to me what, if anything, I need to do.

Many of my eBay listings contain links to my own Ebay store categories so that buyers can see what else I have available in the same product line for example.

I found this information on eBay today:

"Are links allowed in item description?

If links are used target="_blank" attribute should be added to the link. This allows sandboxed document to spawn new windows without forcing the sandboxing flags upon them. Example: <a href="url" target="_blank">link text</a>

How does this affect my listings? If you have customized item description or other content that includes images, links, and other URLs that are not hosted by eBay and the hosting sites are not ATS compliant, these images and links will not work as expected on devices and applications that meet the latest industry security standards."

So - 2 questions, is Auctiva ATS compliant? And do I need to change all my listings that contain links to items within my own eBay store? If so, how?

Thank you so much,

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Hello wjoycem -

eBay has a links policy, which, as far as I am aware is not changing with the new Active Content changes and links in your listings that lead to your eBay store are acceptable within that policy; primarily links that lead off of eBay to other potential sales destinations or things of that nature are not allowed. You can see eBay's links policy here.

Any links you add to a description using our description editor tool already use the target="_blank" setting, which is what causes another window to open with the link destination. So, depending on how you applied those links you should not need to change them.

Auctiva is, for the most part, ATS compliant at this point and we are continuing to work toward that end for the elements that are not yet complete. However, please also note that eBay is not fully ATS compliant at this point not all eBay content is currently delivered HTTPS which is part of that compliance.

- Craig

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