I am currently using auto relist and inventory function together and they are great.

However recently I found that although I still had 2 items in stock, inventory showed 0 and thus stopped auto relisting accordingly. I checked all my procedure and guess this could be the key. Every 4 weeks I make a new plan of listing schedule. Everytime I start to list, I set a auto relist profile to all listings and then schedule them, for 4 weeks. Then before they actually stop, which is in the 3rd week, I start to prepare for the new run of schedule. So I set a new auto relist profile to all lisitngs again and of course schedule them. Is there anyone who can tell me if that is problem? :-) Thanks heaps.
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Hi forth2030,

It definitely sounds like you found the problem to me. When you set a limit to the number of times the item should be relisted automatically in your auto-relist profile, that limit will override the inventory based condition set forth in the " I Want to Auto-Relist if" section of your profile.

If you create a new auto-relist profile for these items that does not have that limit and then schedule them all again when they end with that new auto-relist profile selected, you should be able to avoid encountering this problem again.

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