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Buyer from was the most item i sell to them.

RIght now for buyer on not yet. Hope in future will get some from there..

The most dificulies was the buyer don't know about the timing of shipping item.

That's make me really sad when they gave -VE feedback. How ever, its was a journey i had to go trough even its was hard.

So, the solution was i had put the shipping time on the description.

Hope it will help others to..

Problem No 2.

Maybe power seller here had known about this. But i just know about its.

If we get payment with the eCHeck. Please info our buyer to make sure them know about the item will not ship until the payment clear.

When the payment clear tell them and then ship the item with tracking number in the future we will not have any probelm due to dispute payment by our buyer..

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