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Why does the list of store categories not update when items are added or deleted on eBay?

I like that we are able to add the store categories when we are creating the listing in the first place (even though I think they are one of the stupidest things eBay has ever come up with), but if Auctiva is not going to keep up with the changes it will eventually become a useless tool.

Please advise.

Peggy / bercrystal


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Hello bercrystal,

When you make changes on eBay for your eBay store categories your Auctiva account does not automatically pick up the changes.  However, all you need to do after logging in to your account is select 'eBay' from the My Account menu and then, on the page that follows, click the button labeled 'Update eBay Preferences' and within a few moments the data will update into your Auctiva account.

 - Craig


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