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You can use links on your 'about ME' page, but they're getting a little strict about those too. As far as I know that's the only safe place to use a link. If the links reference selling on another site (your own website for example) they will remove it. Here's Ebay's link from their help pages, telling you what you can & cannot use:

BTW Auctiva links are ok
And just to make sure you know who makes the rules they break them by placing off site sponsored links to divert buyers from seeing that there are more pages of search results available.

Two whammy's in a row, off site advertising links and intercepting search results with what can only be classed as spam as many seem to bear little or no relevance to the search results.

Great system we pay them and then they get paid for putting us up against off-ebay professionals. I wonder how you apply for a sponsored link and how much, now there's a thought perhaps I could sell more with my own site and a sponsored link for less !

Meantime, bow down and grovel eBay has spoken Eek
Hi, niche markets, and items people fight over particularly collectables which can be listed for say 99p or 99 cents and sell for £100 or more. So minimum insertion fees, sell first time everytime Cool

Alternatively sell mediun weight items with low fees and low profit margin, in bulk everyday.

Trouble is unless your knowledge/interests are in tune with a product hungry market it is tricky, I reckon if I spent more time selling stuff I thought was a total waste of space but are major must haves I would make a bundle too Cool

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