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I was wondering, can someone help me with, or show/tell me how to create a "logo"? Right now I am just using a photo from my home decor website and I would like to update it with a clipart image along with my Sell-it-Now Auction Express name so it looks more like a *professional* or *real* I am using that clipart photo as my logo pix for my website, but I am able to build text boxes near it to incorporate my business name so it looks more professional (at least I think My website is a under some major construction right now as I have A LOT of updating to do....but check it out and let me know what anyone thinks...feel free to *shop* while you're there of course Wink

Elegant Home by KML You can see my "homemade" logo on the left side of the page, just click on it...

Is there anyway to do that seeing as though my new logo will only be a clipart image I found on one of my Microsoft applications and my store name? I know there are plenty of company/people out there who will *help* you build your brand identity and create a logo for you, but I was wanting a more *economical* solution; they always charge so much, and I'm not in the position yet to be spending extra funds on these sorts of things yet...that's why I love Auctiva, I am creating wonderful listings for FREE Big Grin YAY! I can *afford* Free Wink hehehe

Any and all help will GREATLY be appreciated Big Grin

Thanks everyone,
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Thanks Donna!

I wanted to mention that I didn't have any ebay logo's listed in my store but the price you see for a custom eCrater logo would be the same and I would make it the size needed for ebay.

If you have something specific you already wanted to use I can make you an even better deal. Feel free to contact me via my store.

Thanks again,

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