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Can i ask you a question about Auctiva?
I am very confused,
I have been using auctiva for a while,
I never had a problem, then few days ago
I have opened up a shop on EBAY, so that i can get cheaper listing for 30 days on buy it now.

Do you know how to list on Auctiva, with the same options BUY IY NOW
Choose how you'd like to sell your
Online Auction Fixed
PriceStore Inventory just like on EBAY.

30 daysGood 'Til Cancelled
Please help... I can not find the same options on Auctiva as they are on ebay.
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Hi 7amore,

If you just opened your store there are a few things you need to do.

In auctiva click on your account tab then click settings then under preferences click ebay settings then click update store categories.

Then when you go to the listing page you should see the following 3 options under the create an ebay listing auction fixed price and store item.

If you select store item the the buy it now box is the only place you can put a price in. The starting price and reserve price box will be grayed out.

Hope this helps.

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