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I am just setting up the template for the store, which seems pretty straight forward, thanks.

Just one query Confused Under 'edit about us information' I wanted to include a description of the business, but when I save it, an error message comes up to say it isn't valid. The info I wanted to include was:
Bridger and Kay was established in 1897 by Mr E.J. Brider and Mr. Alexander Berridge Kay. From 1938 it was run from central London premises until 1997 when it was bought by Steve Ellis and moved to Bristol in the South West of England.
Steve has been a full time dealer since 1980 and started collecting as a school boy in 1959. His present interests including collecting Philetic Literature and trying to play football and keep fit. Steve was formerly a PE teacher who played volleyball for England in the 1970's. Bridger & Kay held their first public auction in 1969 under the banner of Temple Bar Auctions and continue to hold two sales every year. The company was particularly proud to auction the fabulous Commonwealth collection of R.E. Darnton held in 1980 and 1981 and the superb George Ulrich collection of Bermuda in 1989. The company was only one of three stamp dealers to hold the Royal Warrant as suppliers to the Royal Philatelic Collection. Bridger & Kay also publish a monthly Commonwealth Country List (see below. We have an easy to use website and from November 2005 the company has been listing a small selection of special stamps on eBay and have been delighted with the response from new customers worldwide. We welcome any enquiries. Contact us at"

I have already included further detail of our specialities in the section below.

So why can't I include this? Is it too long or wrong format or what? Please advise.
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