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I had my store all nicely setp up with a black template - I think it was called flames. The background was black and the top & bottom had a flame motif - it was as close to the template I use for listings I could find.

Now that store template has GONE. I noticed my store was back to white with blue... and cannot set it back to flames as that template no longer exists :-(

Any news on its return or better still some new templates that match the listing templates?

Has anyone else had their store template removed?
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Yeah, I've had the same problem, seems Auctiva is "upgrade improving" their service, but it, like MicroSoft and Yahoo is questionable whether it is REALLY an improvement or not.

When I contacted support via online chat, I got no explanations.

Apparently they are re-doing their store service, and like you, the default store template they assigned to me, I don't like as well as the old one; all this with NO warning.

The new store templates are no match for the old templates, programming, appearance, and user-appeal wise, but looks like we are stuck with them - the rep could not tell me when this change was made, or even if the old template could be resurrected - he said if you can't find it in the store template selection screen, then it is no longer available.

This modification could be related to some NEW Auctiva Store they have been talking about, supposedly roughly equilivant for an eBay Store, but the rep could not even confirm that.

In the past, I have complained that the number of Auctiva Store (which only displays active eBay listings) was too limited in search categories (about 15) and the keyword user assigned for each search category was too limited. I was told that "some" store templates as designed could not allow for any more search categories, due to template size restrictions, I guess.

If they are going to revamp their Auctiva Store templates, I hope they will expand these search categories and keywords assigned thereto to allow for essentially unlimited capacity. But even then, the old store templates could have been redone to allow for this expansion, instead of just junking them out in favor of new templates from scratch.

I asked him if they did this, what is the probability Auctiva will just up and delete custom listing templates ?

This is a real pain for anyone who has invested time and effort in customization on either store or listing templates.

I suggest one save the HTML code of any customized listing templates before they disappear too.

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