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It's great to have an Auctiva Store, but there is no current way (that I'm aware of) to know how often my store is visted by customers. At this point, I have absolutely no clue if customers are even visiting my Store and how much add-on sales the Store is potentially generating.

As a starting point for stats, adding a Store counter to the template for store with either the Sellathon or an optional HTML embed for other (e.g. Andale/Vendio) would be helpful. The options for placement top/bottom and to make it hidden or visible should also be considered. Obviously, an addition to either the Store Main page or a linked-page of the Counter Stat would be needed.

Thanks Auctiva for any consideration of this suggestion, and comments and suggestions by other members are welcome.

If anyone else has figured out a "shoe-horn" method to do an Auctiva store-counter, please post your method. I'd considered trying a hidden Andale in the Store header, but there's not much character spaces available (limited to 100), and I'm already using most of that for my Store name, etc. If Auctiva would consider increasing that "space" to a larger size, it might work there for an easy hidden generic (anyone's) counter.

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Great suggestion, Danno. Yea, I tried the Edit Header thing but didn't take out my own code. Not enough room. I agree with the fact that 100 characters is very limiting. I think, however, that there should be a footer added that a counter code could be added to. Otherwise, the counter would be in/with the store name. If some one doesn't want a counter, they can leave it blank, or thank people for visiting there store, or BOTH, if the space isn't too limiting. BTW, I replied to the other post on this subject, as well. Thanks.

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