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I'm new here and haven't seen this asked, so I'm gonna ask it...

I would like to integrate the store window into my listings rather than just leave it at the top or bottom.

I am also using my own templates as opposed to an Auctiva template.

I noticed I can copy the code for the window into the correct place within my template and it seems works fine.

However with the Store Window set to enabled in my profile, Auctiva will add another one later (I think?)

So, if I disable Store Window in my profile, it will definately not add another on the listing, however will this disable the ability to use my manually added one?

Anybody know??
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Hi ECThorpe,

Welcome to Auctiva!

You actually don't even have to disable the Auctiva store window setting in your account because our system that automatically adds it to a user's listings checks whether the store window is already present in that listing before adding it, which prevents the possibility of a user ending up with two store windows in a single listing.

However, you are welcome to disable the store window setting in your account if you wish because doing so will interfere with the proper functioning of the store windows you are adding to your listings manually be inserting the html in your descriptions.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:


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