I notice all my auctions are showing in the store window, sometime after i post my auctions on Ebay, but only about half the auctions have the store window desplayed at the bottom of them. why isn't it showing in all of them? I only have about 12 active. is there anything I can do?
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I finally disabled my showcase on the options page (so I wouldn't take the chance of having it appear twice) and simply put the HTML in all of my auctions myself now. It works great and was easy to do.
Hope you are successful in yours!

Items that you list directly from our website should get added to your showcase immediately. Items that you post directly on eBay may take up to six hours to appear.

One other note, the store window that is inside of your auctions is stored on our server for up to two hours. So, if you've looked at one of your auctions recently and then post a new auction, it won't appear in your store window right away.

It's a little confusing and we'll probably add a way for users to "Update Now" so that they can get all their latest items into both the showcase and store window immediately.

kevin, Maybe I'm getting confused between Store window and showcase. Needless to say, I loaded a number of auctions directly on e-bay, yesterday, and last week. The showcase only showed up on one of those auctions. all the pictures for all my auctions were in it but it still did not show up at the bottom of the other auctions. now it is the same. All my new auctions are showing in the showcase, but it is only showing up in one of the auctions.
Kevin -
I agree about the confusion between "showcase" and "store window." The terms seem to be used interchangeably but there are sections on the website for both. I can't quite figure that out, either. Could you clarify for us?

I get confused myself sometimes. Smile

The "store window" is the actual flash component you see in your auctions that displays up to 20 pictures of other items you have running.

You'll notice that inside the store window is a link that says "Click to see my other items". Clicking that takes you to a webpage that shows all of your active listings, sorted by time remaining. This website is what I typically refer to as the "showcase". It's a showcase of all of your items and also contains a page for "about me" information.

Let me know if that helps. Smile

Sometimes it may take between 6 and 24 hours after a listing has been submitted outside of Auctiva for a Store Window to be appended.

The auctions have the store window now.

Did you paste the HTML in for the store window by hand?

jason & kevin, I havn't checked my auctions today, and will as soon as I'm done uploading some photos. I wanted to check here first for answers. No, I did not Paste HTML into my auctions, so if the store window showed up in them, Great.I really don't want to have to go through that everytime I post an auction.I'd like it to show up when it should.It also was taking more then 24 hours to show, jason, if it shows at all. Last week it didn't show at all in half of them. So, I'm thinking it's a glitch. and Thank you kevin, if you could follow through to see what's going on. Thanks again.
Nope! still only showing up in 3 of my 7 auctions. And thouse were re-lists of items i had up when i first signed on 3 weeks ago. what is up? I don't have store window disabled!
I have begun putting the HTML code in my auctions so that the store window shows up instantly. It takes some time for all the auctions to be included in the window, but I listed some last night and they were all included this morning when I checked.
You may just want to give up, disable your showcase, and put the HTML code in yourself. I found it easy to do. I even added it to my active auctions last week and it worked just fine.
I agree that it's likely a glitch on Auctiva's part and that they will probably get it fixed, but in the meantime I believe the store window has increased the visibility of my items quite a bit. I'm getting bids early on now instead of having to wait for my items to "float to the top" on a search.
Hope you get yours working soon!
http://www.my52cents.com (you can see my auctions here if you want to check what I did)
Hey kevin, have you found what the problem is? Thanks my52cents, for the advice. i will probably add The html store window if i have too, but want to see if they can fix thier auto-insert first. I know it's easy to do, but takes some tim, which i really don't have.
I am having the same problems. The first items I added last week worked perfectly and the Autiva store was added to my listings and the items showed up in the store.

The items I added last night have not had the store added nor do they show in the listings that include the store. I really like this feature and would like my items to show the store and be listed in it.

Please help. It has been nearly 24 hours since I added the new items.
All of my listings are back in order today. The store was added to the new items and the new items were added to the store.


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