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Hi Cal Girl,

Yes, your friend can certainly accomplish this. All he/she needs to do is sign up for an Auctiva account and generate an eBay token.

Once your friend has done this, all of his/her current listings will be imported into his/her Auctiva account and appended with the store window within about 12 hours. When he/she posts future listings, they will typically be appended with the Auctiva store window within about 6-8 hours of being listed directly through eBay or through another listing service.

Hi BootieBagDiva,

When you lower your prices on eBay store items, we do not pick up this information because eBay does not generate a "Seller Event" for that action. In this case, please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page and request that we manually update these prices for you.

If you are unable to file a support request for any reason, feel free to post your Auctiva username to this thread and I will have your Auctiva store/store window prices updated for you.

I've just discovered Auctiva, thanks to an eBay Store listing using the Auctiva slideshow feature. The statement "Auctiva's FREE Showcase will enhance all of your listings" captured my interest, so I've just followed the link here...

I've checked out all four Auctiva Tutorials, but none have them have mentioned this particular feature or how to implement it.

Following on from California Girl's original question, what I want to know up front is whether the Showcase feature is only available to eBay Store users, or can I also use it as a general eBay user (i.e. not an eBay Store user)?

If the answer is yes, then I'll have a play to try and use the feature - unless anyone can also point me to a set of instructions for inserting the Showcase feature into my listings..?
You do not have to own an EBay store in order to use the Auctiva Store Window.

When you sign up for Auctiva they will auto-magic-ly append the store window code to all of your current listings ( Note though that the Store Window only displays about 14 auctions, so if you have more only 14 will show at once ).

There is a Store Tab on Auctiva that will allow you to do many change the text on the Store Window, change the colors, the placement...etc...

The Store Window is what drew me here as well, but when combined with the Templates it looks even better... There are also a bunch of other Auctiva features, like Free Image hosting and Free Scheduled Listings, that really make it that much better and that much more useful...


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