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Hi Auctiva guys, I know you've got other issues at the moment but hopefully they'll be sorted out soon, and in other threads you had alluded to a possible future upgrade of the store window, so I thought I'd throw in my 2c as to what I'd like to see.

Firstly, I much prefer the Auctiva scroller to the Vendio one. I am paying for Vendio but I will cancel it when Auctiva works properly. The reasons I like Auctiva are:

1. Neat shape and better colour customisation options, easier to integrate into my own template graphics and layout.
2. Scroll can be stopped, resumed, reversed etc.
3. Ability to 'hide' items (fantastic feature for keeping the store window interesting - Vendio shows more items, but I have no control over them so I get lots of almost identical items scrolling past).
4. Looks great with non-square photos (Vendio forces white bars to make the image square).
5. Text is easier to read, both on scrolling items (which have no text at all in Vendio) and the highlighted item (which has small text appearing only briefly in Vendio).
6. No useless 'category search' (I hate it - searching through the eBay category structure is a terrible way for customers to try and browse my items).

However, I would really love to see the following issues addressed if possible. (I would happily pay a subscription, and I wouldn't object to a small Auctiva graphic and link within the gallery, but I really dislike the Auctiva 'store' and all the references to the fact it is FREE. I am a professional seller, with an eBay store, and I think it reflects badly).

1. Ability to remove search box and store links (or alter them to direct customers to my eBay store not Auctiva).

2. Ability to generate a gallery to display on my own web pages, opening auction listings on my chosen eBay site.

How about it?
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Another minor suggestion:

Perhaps change the default 'empty window text' to something other than "No Items Available". I know we can customise that text, but our customised option only appears to work as long as Auctiva is working. If there is a problem with the Store Window at Auctiva's end then our customers see "No Items Available" in great big letters which is pretty unpleasant for those of us who have a store full of other items we want to sell.

How about "Window content error - please check seller's other items" or something?

Just an idea.
These are all EXCELLENT points. My point is to reinforce that I do not like the auctiva store link and the search button in this store window. The reason is because I make a lot of my items hidden because I do not want them to show up in my scrolling gallery.. but when people go see my items on auctiva, these items remain hidden even though I do have them for sale in my eBay store. It would be REALLY convenient if we could turn off both the search button and the link, and instead link to our eBay store. On auctiva I only have 39 items, where there are supposed to be 51 items (I have hidden several of them).

A solution to this would be greatly appreciated. For example, the making it hidden in the scrolling gallery should not make the item hidden in the auctiva store.. it's still available for sale!


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