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Has anyone done business with this company? I attended a seminar yesterday and of course it sounded good (doesn't it all)Yesterdays seminar seemed like a duck hunt were they are setting you up for the kill. A 90 minute (FREE) seminar with a follow up seminar of 8 hours costing 20 bucks. I plan on attending this to see what info is available. They claim to be an EBAY affiliate (should have been my first redflag LOL Eek)However if it is actually on the up and up I do not want to miss out. I really would like to find a good product to sell and a good drop shipper which this company says it provides. I am worried that it is just a conglomerate of companies piggybacking each other and selling there sister products at outlandish prices. I intend to do a google search and see what I can find out also. Any info from anyone on here would be appreciated
Thanks Steve Cool
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Hi Taz - I recently attended a FREE seminar like this. Same pitch as you describe: a hosted web site designed by them or their affiliates, drop shippers galore, make lots of money in very little time, with lots of support - "easy sneezy". They signed all the eager beavers up for their 8 hr, $20 seminar ("normally valued at hundreds of dollars"). They let us know that they were offering a special big "discount" on their (VERY expensive) services if you bought the package at the end of the one-day seminar (that was the pressure: the "buy it now or it will cost twice as much later" pressure that you put on yourself). Even the "discounted" prices were VERY EXPENSIVE (but made to appear like a good deal in comparison to the "regular price").

My impression: a typical slick, high pressure sales operation - they get you really pumped up by rushing you through 8 hours of an intense "how-to-do-it, insider secrets, you-can't-fail, rah-rah-rah" course (they are great, and I mean GREAT, salesmen), then they sign you up for the big dollar success program (I mean, who would not want to sign up after 8 hrs of THAT?) So there you stand - you've already invested 10 or more hours of your time and energy(two seminars, free gift, free dinner, free lunch, "valuable training"), and it sounds like such a great opportunity to finally make something big happen in your life - the moment of truth is upon you: "Sure,it's a lot of money, but we can charge it. I know I'd rather wait and think about it some more, but then it will cost thousands more - the discount is only for today. What the hell, this is what we came for - if other people can do it so can we! Let's go for it!".

I've seen it all before...a FEW really hard chargers will make money(you'll see them on the glossy brochures), MOST will fizzle out and lose money, and maybe go to the next FREE seminar that blows into town. There are definitely less expensive (and more logical and systematic) ways to set up an online business than the "fast-track,immediate high dollar commitment" they are selling.

Hah! I just checked my notes: StoresOnline Pro!
My, they do get around! By the way,I was the only one out of an entire room full of people that walked out at the end of the pitch. Everyone else was signing up for the $20 one day seminar. I kid you not, the rest of the crowd was eating it up - they couldn't get their pens out fast enough! All total newbees, ready to strike it rich on the internet in their first 3 months. Darn, if I had just stuck around, I would have received my free "valuable" gift (a day-planner) and my free dinner (naturally these come AFTER the sign up sheets get passed around). This operation is smoother than a baby's behind - a veritable cornucopia of sophisticated sales techniques - each step cleverly designed to suck you further and further into the trap until that plastic finally comes out. These people are really good at their game - beware the big bad wolf. Roll Eyes
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