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auctiva must have dropped some prices on the way to ebay because on three items i got the following error:
API Error

Please enter a valid starting price for your item (eg. US $0.99)

They were accurate when scheduling on auctiva (or auctiva would issue a warning and not allow the item to be scheduled). somewhere in the process the price was dropped

itsjustme or is it?

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Hi itsjustme,

Thanks for making us aware of the posting errors you encountered. Although I am not sure what may have caused the Start Prices you had specified when relisting to be dropped during the relist process, I have found that the Bulk Relist tool available from the Closed Listings page will allow a relist attempt to be made when that require field is left blank.

I have passed the details of this issue over to our technical team to make them aware of this behavior and will make sure to convey that the Start Price field was filled in when you attempted to relist the items for which this error was returned.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Twice in the last two days I have had events that shows "failed to list, failed to post in time." The item also shows up in scheduled listings with a "not relisted" and "error message".

Having had this issue before, I made sure to check active listings prior to rescheduling the listings. Sure enough both items had relisted (one item from yesterday evening and another item the day before).

I am cautioning others to make sure to check events and failures to see if the item relisted or was listed despite the notice. That will protect users from getting a duplicate warning notice from ebay.
api errors are reasons why your item supposedly did not make it from auctiva to ebay.

ironically many of them do despite the message from auctiva that they failed to post.

check ebay to see if your item actually listed.

i had three or four more notices yesterday. Of those two definitely listed.

something seriously wrong with the notices and possibly communication between auctiva and ebay systems.

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