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AFter all everyone's help yesterday, I got my listings up and was too tired to check them. WEll, this morning I looked and there at the top above the description is part of my delivery and payment stuff. Then comes the listing. Then comes MY delivery and payment stuff, then a big space, THEN the delivery and payment from my standard set in Auctiva which was NOT chosen to appear on this page. All three listings, based on same ad, had to be removed. So that's two days worth. I couldn't edit in ebay or poster toaster as there was too much Auctiva generated code to see what the hell had happened.
I am just going to have some breakfast before contemplating whether it is worth living any longer .........
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If you haven't ended the listing yet, I would suggest trying this:
Go to Saved Listings
Find the ones you need to correct
Preview to make sure they look right (hopefully preview will be working)
Get HTML (select all and copy)
Go to Ebay, Revise Listing;
Go to the HTML window for the description on Ebay, select all
Paste the HTML you copied from Auctiva
Preview to make sure it works

If all goes well, that should do the trick.

Best Wishes!


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