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Hi Everyone, I'm new Smile to Auctiva, and have sold on eBay a few times in the past.

I wanted to ask if other Auctiva members have had this experience. Recently I have gotten several emails from "potential buyers" asking my payment preference. As the payment instructions are clearly explained my item descriptions, I do not respond.

They don't ask to buy outside of eBay, or have other requests. Is this some sort of a scam or a lead in to a scam? The domain of their email address is typically or

As an example, the "Full Header" view of the email from shows that this person has spoofed their address, which is actually .
My inner skeptic says this smells fishy.
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Hi. It should show up in your eBay messages, and eBay says it's for real.

You can forward it to to find out. Same can be done with PayPal too.

I started to say I wouldn't answer it because it sounds like they're trying to get your address for spam purposes. (I always hide mine.) Some buyers do send an email to find out how well you communicate, even though it already says whatever they're asking in the listing.

First, send it to the spoof address and find out for sure. Smile
Your "inner skeptic" is right, it's junk mail. Delete it. Don't waste your time sending it to eBay though. Even though they have a "trust and Safety" department, it's a waste. There is nothing they can do about it anyway.

If the message is real, it will also show up in the "My Messages" section of your My eBay page.

In time you'll become more able to recognize what's real, and what should be ignored. Right off the bat "e-bay" and "ebey" are dead giveaways.

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