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Hello everyone this is my first post on the Auctiva forums! I love this site and the services it offers!

Okay so anyway, here is my problem. I tried listing my two airsoft guns I have for sale through auctiva but I kept getting an API error, these posts are all over the forums but dont worry thats not my real problem.

I listed both of them through normal Ebay not auctiva, and it worked fine! Strange huh? Well this is where it gets interesting, one of the two auctions had an auctiva store scroller and ticker for no reason! I did not put them in there! I also assure you I did NOT insert the listing through Auctiva, I used normal EBAY.

Okay so both listings are posted, and after Ebay randomly decided to give one of them an Auctiva scroller I decided to customize it and even update my Auctiva store website too, that all works great.

Here it is, HOW do I get my OTHER auction into the store and scroller??? The one auction is in there just fine, but the other one is nowhere to be found on Auctiva only Ebay!

Here are some links.

My store with the ONE item listed.

Both of my auctions. First the one that works on Auctiva, then the one that does not.

Okay so to recap, both of these listings I put up through EBAY not Auctiva. Only one of them ended up in my Auctiva store for god knows what reason but now I want them BOTH in there because well.. that would be nice! haha

Please help me out guys and thanks in advance!

<3 Auctiva
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