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Stripper..ok got your attention??? Wink

What are the odds of getting some of the old editor features on the newer editor?

My BIGGEST (not only problem but biggest is) problem with newer one is that is constant issue and see no end for that is total time burner.

Features that auctiva recommended highly for years that we use (and they worked GREAT) are NOT on the new one. (i.e. one example I used all the time)

The html stripper is not on new you could just do 2 easy steps.
1. highlight text
2. hit eraser and zip it was all gone, fresh ready to go.

Soooo to me this is taking not two steps back but MANY steps back.

Here is process I use if I need to strip template. This is 7 steps? I am sure auctiva has not realized how many steps this entails when they removed stripper.
NOW, I know I could do every listing from scratch in word, but sometimes just need tweeks so would be 100% time waster.

1. Highlight description
2. copy description area
3. Open word
4. paste it into word
5. copy it again
6. paste it into the description box
7. then hit ok.

Really 8+ steps...because during this you are beating yourself over the head several times for wanting to strip the template to begin with.

So we traded 2 steps for 7 steps...that is NOT really efficient in my world.

Auctiva can we please add that to newer one, since once we switch we are stuck?

THanks for a response
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