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Maybe this is just nitpicky, I don't know.

But I think it might be a good idea, when creating signatures for your posts, to make the first line an actual line. Or asterisks or something.

Maybe it's just me but I keep reading people's signatures thinking they're the last lines of their actual posts.

I'm like, man, that Bill B. sure does talk about that Legacy XML error a lot! And, hey, that one person sure does suggest I ask them about their auctions a lot. Et cetera.

This is something that confuses me addled brain on ALL online forums, though, so it could be just me.
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Haha, yes, the scatalogical possibilities abound and, believe me, I've heard them all!

A "poopsheet" is slang in different industries (maybe the military, too, I don't know) for, like, a data sheet. An info sheet. A sheet that gives you the poop on a project or whatever.

The name really only makes sense in the context of my main website (which began as a print project), which is a source for info on self-published comics, zines and that sort of thing.

It certainly does make people wonder though. They always have a good chuckle whenever I move and start using a new post office...

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